231 6th Street
PO Box 75
Marine on St Croix, MN 55047

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A Commitment to Public Service

A passionate and disciplined approach to governing.

I've spent my adult life in public service.

I've served in the US Army as both a non-commissioned and commissioned officer, and served our nation in combat. I continue to serve as an intelligence officer in the Minnesota Army National Guard. 

I've been a police officer for almost twelve years, and am currently a sergeant in the Community Engagement Unit. I have extensive training and experience in patrol, investigations, emergency management, supervision, budgeting, and community outreach. I hold a B.S. in Law Enforcement, and M.A. in Public Safety Administration. I have spent my career providing trusted service with respect to all community members regardless of their circumstances, and I'm proud to be a guardian of peace and an ally for justice.

I am the founder and Executive Director of a public and private sector non-profit corporation dedicated to combating organized crime. The Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association brings retail, financial, and law enforcement professionals together to communicate and train in an effort to identify, investigate, and prosecute complex financial crimes.

I am a seasonal wildland forest fire fighter for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources out of the Cambridge and Carlos Avery fire bases, which covers Marine on Saint Croix and Washington County.

I keep civically engaged as a volunteer member with a number of community causes, to include the Urban Forest Task Force, Marine Restoration Society, upkeep of the ice rink, the Saint Croix River Association, River Grove Elementary, and Marine School Forest.

My neighbors know me as a house watcher, egg-giver, vegetable sharer, cocktail mixer, stuff carrier, book lender, and snow shoveler.

I am an active parishioner in my faith community, and am involved as a lector and social media coordinator at Saint Michael's Catholic Church in Stillwater.

I serve my smart and beautiful wife Betsy as a dedicated husband, and my four wonderful children (Thorin, Ingrid, Kjersten, and newborn Leif) as their loving father. This is my greatest charge, and my greatest joy.

I'm asking you for permission, with your vote this fall, to serve you and the Marine community with the same fervor.